Sales Support and Training Tools


It can be exhausting having to be inspiring all of the time! Keep the energy levels high with leadership skills and team building tools.


Ultimately this is all about getting the all-important SALE with a complete breakdown of the customer journey, shop experience, closing techniques and creating magical memories that your customers will want to shout about!


This training day is offered as an interactive talk suitable for established teams covering an area, I am incredibly passionate about. In brief we will discuss customer diversity, hidden disabilities and addressing adaptive tailoring options (an essential tool for consultants to confidently look after a customer following life changing situations such as a mastectomy). This talk can be offered to the whole team to include seamstresses and pin fitters.


One of the most important selling tools is to be knowledgeable. Presented as either an online training package or with shop support, areas include product knowledge, skills and industry awareness. Don’t let your team be caught out by the bride being more informed. This is a chunky section that comes with homework!

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